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Meet J.Hilburn

The Best-Fitting Luxury Clothes, Without Traditional Markups

Since 2007, we've revolutionized the retail industry by creating made-to-fit luxury garments at the best prices.

How We Began

We founded J.Hilburn on the simple principle that every man deserves the confidence that comes with a personal wardrobe.

Italian Fabrics

Our direct relationships with the best Italian fabric mills in the world distinguish J.Hilburn products from the rest.

Product Variety

Our innovative product assortment gives Clients the best-fitting personalized wardrobe.

Customized Luxury

Each Stylist Appointment focuses on helping Clients discover personal fit and style designed around his lifestyle.

Cut From the Same Cloth

J.Hilburn Personal Stylists don't always have a degree in business or a background in fashion. Instead, what we share is a passion for making style personal again. A passion for helping men discover the confidence-boosting power of affordable custom clothing made from luxury Italian fabrics.

Fashion Friendly

Traditionalist or trendsetter. Buttoned-up elegance or contemporary cool. We don't adhere to a specific aesthetic, but we believe that personal style matters. That clothing needs to fit the individual and not vice versa. And that every man deserves a wardrobe he can wear with confidence.

Leader by Example

We love to learn and share your knowledge with others to help them succeed. We believe in endless possibilities. We set a vision and hold ourselves and others accountable along the journey.

A People’s Person

Whether we're the first to strike up a conversation at parties or someone who builds strong relationships over time, we enjoy people. We have a knack for creating rapport and for building trust with a strong network to show for it.

Need to Succeed

We set high goals for ourselves and enthusiastically pursue them with determination. For us, every "no" becomes a stepping stone, not a hurdle. Our passion for building our own business keeps us moving forward.